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Data cable
Data cable
The KNX cable JY(St)Y 2x0.8 is used in automation systems and has two wires with a section of 0.8 mm²...
21 MDL
Cable UC300 24 Cat.5e U/UTP is an Ethernet cable with 24 pairs of unshielded wires, according to the Cat.5e standard. It is used to connect devices in computer networks...
Cable UC300 S24 Cat.5e SF/UTP 4P PE Outdoor is an Ethernet cable designed for use in outdoor environments...
15 MDL
The UC900 Cat.7 S/FTP LSHF 4P cable is a high-performance network cable suitable for high-speed networks...
24 MDL
Brand: Alarm
This is a data cable used in alarm systems. It has 6 wires and is shielded to protect signals against electromagnetic interference...
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